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Sorry - this product is no longer available

The Powertap Powercal Strap Bluetooth is no longer available, although you may find similar or newer versions below.

Powertap Powercal Strap Bluetooth
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*HRS Bluetooth Strap Only
*HRS Bluetooth Strap Only

Introducing PowerTap PowerCal the worlds first-ever power meter calculated from heart rate! It could be one of the best investments you make in your training.

So if youre ready to take your performance to the next level let PowerCal help get you there...

For years there has been a widely recognized correlation between power and heart rate. In a lab one can predict power output or intensity by knowing heart rate and vice versa. But once you leave the lab and encounter variables such as hills wind and fatigue the relationship gets a bit trickier to predict. This is why many cyclists and triathletes use both a heart rate monitor and a power meter in training.

Through the analysis of tens of thousands of power files over the years the experts at PowerTap and the University of Colorado Boulder have identified patterns which can correlate an athletes heart rate to power across all real world conditions. Weve utilized this knowledge to create a technology which provides power based on this correlation in the real world and in real time.

No its not as precise as our PowerTap. Yes its a great tool is incredibly easy to use and is Bluetooth compatible and will work with Bluetooth compatible devices and apps. Simply pair it to your display and off you go!

Were all familiar with the key difference between a power meter and a HR monitor: that HR is a response to the work youre doing whereas power is the actual work. The algorithms in PowerCal translate heart rate data into the vernacular of power-based training- watts kilojoules peak power etc. Use the PowerCal with the PowerTap Speed Sensor which can be configured to detect speed or cadence. (sold separately)
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