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Sorry - this product is no longer available

The Enduro DR 21531 Llb - Abec 3 Bearing is no longer available, although you may find similar or newer versions below.


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Enduro Dr 21531 Llb - Abec 3 Bearing
  • 68490
The entry standard for Enduro bearings.
The entry standard for Enduro bearings. Enduros ABEC 3 bearings offer improved quality and performance over ABEC 1 bearings fitted by many OE manufacturers.

Only the finest cycling components come standard with Enduros ABEC 3 bearings. With hardened chromium steel races balls and tough riveted steel retainers these bearings are durable and the perfect low cost performance upgrade.

Bearing Code: DR 21531
Dimensions: 21.5 x 31 x 12mm
Grade: 10
Seals: LLB
Grease: Mobile HP 222
Application: Hubs Bottom Brackets
Weight: 24.61g
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